Female Climax Formula

The Prescription Sex Cream Designed to Send You Over the Edge!

Achieve More Intense Female Orgasms and Explosive Climaxes

It’s no secret that women are often frustrated by the amount of time it takes them to climax, especially when compared to their male partners. To help remedy this issue, there’s now an FDA-approved prescription sex cream made just for women, called Climax Formula. This new product is our own unique formula and is making waves with women of all ages.

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What is Female Climax Formula?

Female Climax Formula is a female enhancement formula designed to increase sexual response in women. As women age and their estrogen levels decrease, vaginal lubrication decreases, which can make intercourse painful, boring and even unpleasant.

Our female climax formula restores moisture to those tissues and increases blood flow, resulting in natural lubrication that enhances arousal and encourages more frequent orgasms. This unique treatment also helps boost blood flow to your clitoris and vagina, which means you'll have more powerful orgasms and fewer dry spells.

'Scream Cream' helps women to climax easily and more frequently

Scream cream uses new technology that is proven by research studies to help you orgasm stronger. Scream cream increases blood flow to your clitoris, which helps increase pleasure during sexual stimulation.

  • Greater, More Mind-Blowing Female Orgasms
  • Intense Clitoral Pressure
  • Increased Stimulation
  • More Frequent Climaxes
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Enhance your Sex Life with Our Stimulating Female Climax Cream

If you have been experiencing lower libido as you age, improve sex with our female climax formula, a revolutionary treatment created by Aspire Rejuvenation’s team of trained physicians. Our 'scream cream' is 100% safe, effective, and discreet! It uses powerful botanicals and natural extracts to help improve female arousal. Try it today.

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— April S.

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At Aspire Rejuvenation, we offer many different treatments for a variety of male and female needs. In addition to our Climax Formula, we also offer other solutions designed for healthy weight loss, hormone replacement, muscle recovery and more.

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Once you’ve identified the treatment that’s right for your needs, schedule a consultation with one of our confidential and discreet licensed physicians. Not sure which treatment option to choose? We’re here to help answer questions and guide you to the best solution.

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